Knowledge Skills in Innistrad

The cosmology of Innistrad is significantly different from that of a standard D&D setting, and there are some details of monsters that make things work differently. For Knowledges in Innistrad, refer below-

Arcana: ancient mysteries, magic traditions, arcane symbols, cryptic phrases, mana, constructs—including necroalchemy, dragons, magical beasts, alchemical creations (such as vampires), the ether, angels and fiends

Architecture and Engineering: buildings, aqueducts, bridges, fortifications, artifacts

Dungeoneering: aberrations, caverns, mana, oozes, spelunking

Geography: lands, provinces, terrain, climate, people, mana, elementals

History: Vampire bloodlines, the church of Avacyn, titles, wars, provincial background and origins, migrations

Local: any of the four provinces, legends, personalities, inhabitants, laws, customs, traditions, humans. When first putting ranks into Local, it represents knowledge of one province. Spending two skill points can add another province <u>and</u> increase your ranks by 1, thus knowledge of all four provinces costs at a minimum 7 points and gives you a Knowledge local rank of 4.

Nature: animals, fae, giants, monstrous humanoids—including lycanthropes, plants, mana, seasons and cycles, weather, vermin

Families and Bloodlines (replaces Nobility and Royalty): vampiric bloodlines, Thraben families, lineages, heraldry, family trees, mottoes, personalities

Spiritualism (replaces Religion): Avacyn, mythic history, ecclesiastic tradition, undead—including ghouls

Knowledge Skills in Innistrad

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